Quarantine Series

My Kitchen Victory Garden

I’ve started my own Victory Garden. During the war, Americans started the Victory Garden movement to  grow food in whatever spaces they could — rooftops, fire escapes, empty lots, backyards. In my case, it’s my kitchen and deck.

A childhood friend, Maria, who now lives in Australia, posted on FB her vegetable garden. I am so jealous.

I have no fear of food shortage , but I do not even want to go to the grocery for fear of exposure to the corona virus.

So I started my plants, one recipe at a time. As I cook, I plant the cuttings and seeds right in my kitchen. I started with bokchoy and celery. This is the best time to try all the things I’ve read on Pinterest.

Do you know that you don’t need to buy green onions all the time? I love green onions. I use it for everything, fried rice, soup, salad, omelettes. I have regrown my green onions in a bottle of water in my fridge. I just cut when I need.

I’ve been missing togue. This morning I soaked some mungo beans and I know that in a few days, I will have fresh bean sprouts. It would be nice with my fried rice or maybe even okoy!

 Growing vegetables indoor is fun. I’ve been watching my plants transform  over a short period of time. I’ve used kitchen containers, including egg shells, egg cartons and empty cans.

It will be interesting to see how much spam we’ve eaten at the end of this quarantine.  

They say that home vegetable gardens is not just an exercise of self sufficiency. At a time like this, it can be an act of patriotism.

We are at war. It’s not another nation and the enemy cannot be seen. I am doing my share by not being a part of the problem.  I am also cultivating something beautiful and useful in this time of great stress and uncertainty.  

I am staying home and growing my Victory Garden.

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