Quarantine Series

How To Cope With The Quarantine

When reality sinks

It’s been a challenging week in our household. The reality is slowly sinking.

As I watch the daily (sometimes hourly) news, my level of paranoia has increased from 4 to 9. California now (April 2, 2020) has close to 7,000 covid cases. I refuse to go out so, I order my groceries online. I am also deathly scared when anyone in our household goes out. But not everyone at home can adjust easily to this new reality. Giving up one’s freedom of movement is something challenging to some.

How do we describe these days? Uncertain. Stressful. Surreal. In the blink of an eye, our life changed to something we can’t recognize. Here is how I’ve coped so far.

Ways to be proactive

TRUST AUTHORITY. What others saw as limitations I considered protection. I embraced the reality that the only way I can protect myself is by isolation. Years of following and obeying the Word of God has trained me that, God or government ordained, limitations are for my protection. Right now, my home is the safest place for me.

The view from our deck

PRACTICE GRATITUDE. I am home, all my family is well, there is food on the table. A lot of people would gladly have even just one of these. I am blessed.

Clams pasta with garlic bread

TIME TO TRY NEW THINGS. I keep myself from boredom and cabin fever by venturing into new projects. I started a blog, turned our everyday cooking into videos with my visiting nephew, started a kitchen/deck vegetable garden, started kickboxing with Daniel Gartner on YouTube.

My mini vegetable garden in my deck

TIME TO CATCH UP ON PROJECTS. I am catching up on the things I’ve wanted to do but never found time. I’ve organized my pantry, bedroom drawers, bathroom cabinets. I still have to work on my laundry room and closet.

TIME TO LIVE . I enjoy long conversations with my sons in the Philippines and can leisurely watch my 1-year-old grandcreature (a term borrowed from friend David Gawlik) dance to Baby Shark.

I see these turtles in our complex when I do my daily walk

We need to be physically healthy to survive this pandemic. But we also need to keep sane.

Everyone is groping for answers. When will this end? Will we lose our jobs? These are things we can’t control. But we can control how we respond.

I have to remind myself, death maybe everywhere but it is also time to live.

I find comfort in this truth – this too shall pass. Everything has an end. Even labor pains -even Corona virus. Only the word and the truth of God is eternal.

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