Quarantine Series

How To Be Proactive During This Pandemic

Most of us are glued to the news these days. We all want to know the updates on the pandemic. But what do we do with the information we consume?

The important questions I want answered everyday are:

Long term: Are the authorities learning new thing about the virus that will predict it’s behavior? This information tells me what adjustments I need to make in my business plan for the year.

Midterm: Are there new restrictions on the quarantine guidelines?   This tells me what projects I can do from home to maximize this isolation.

And the mundane short term: Is there rice, flour and yeast back in the grocery shelves?  It dictates what will I cook tonight. Will it be potatoes, rice or use one of the 10 loaves of bread that I bought?

 It is crazy how my definition of what long, mid and short term has changed in just a month. Major decisions have all been reset –  like the house we planned to purchase or the assistant I wanted to hire. With the mortgage market about to collapse and the uncertainty of jobs, one wonders if these are even wise thing to consider.

When linear thinking doesn’t work,  I find stability in the wisdom of God’s word.

  1. Do not hide under the rock.  These days we need to be well informed and proactive. It means watching the news at least once a day and processing this information. (The beginning of wisdom is this: get wisdom.  Prov 4:7)
  2. Talk to like-minded people. In the past two weeks, I’ve reached out to friends to find out what steps they have been taking. Our conversation goes beyond toilet paper and the next can of spam. What are they are doing to protect their finances? What do they know about the PPP loan? Rent and mortgage moratorium? Did they apply for credit card forbearance programs? (If you think you know it all, you are a fool. Survivors learn wisdom from others. Prov 28:26)
  3. Act on the information. Do something! Most people just consume information. When we’ve updated on the news, and talked to people, sit down and ask yourself: which of these is relevant and applicable to me. What steps should I take-  now? Tomorrow? And next week? (Walk-in wisdom and make use of all opportunities. Col 4:5)

I want clarity in every single aspect of my life- parenting, finances, marriage, friendship, career. I want clear steps and sure things when I make major decisions.

But these days, there are no clear lines and right answers. I am reminded though, that I should seek peace.

So this Easter I will rest and stop seeking certainty. I will enjoy the peace in the midst of this unknown future. For on this day, 2,000 years ago, peace has already been given.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

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