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Vodka for my Flowers

“Take time to smell the flowers and drink the wine (or vodka!)” Anonymous

I got breakfast and a big bouquet from my husband and sons, for Mother’s Day .

Dave whispered to me- “you will choke if you know how much those flowers are”. It turns out, Dave paid for breakfast and Carl paid for the flowers.

I want to enjoy these expensive beauties – not just in one place- but all over my house. So, I made several mini arrangements from this big one. I am not good in flower arrangement, but, hey! How can you go wrong with flowers?


Side table

Coffee table

Kitchen sink

Kitchen shelves

Kitchen counter


Dave’s cabinet top

Bedside table

Bathroom sink

Toilet too😊🌸..

How to make your flowers last longer

  1. Gather different vases and containers. I use a variety- jugs, vases, mugs, tea pots, mason jars even a perrier bottle- whatever you like! Wash containers thoroughly with bleach and water, to disinfect. Bacteria in the water is what causes the flowers to wilt.

2. Prepare your containers. I use fillers like marbles and crystals. Floral foams are nice if you have (I keep and reuse floral foams from flower arrangements gifts I get).

3. For the fun part! Prepare your flower food . This is what will keep the flowers from wilting. Make a solution of :

  • Vodka1/4 cup
  • Sprite ( or lemon) 1/2 cup
  • Sugar 2tsp
  • Bleach (if vodka is not available )1/4 cup
  • Water 1 pitcher

4. Mix this solution to the water and pour into your containers.

5. I use scotch tape as grid for wide mouth containers to hold the flowers in place.

6. Cut the stems diagonally so the flowers will absorb the water.

7. Distribute the flowers and leaves from the big bouquet to all the containers.

I’m sure my husband is choking to know that I used half of his Vodka. Well, I don’t drink. So once a year, I let my flowers indulge! Cheers!

Wherever I go, I am reminded- I am loved.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day flowers!

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