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Rules are for Parents Too – 10 Things Parents Should Remember

Having rules at home make life easy for both parent and child. But why do we always talk about rules for kids? Parents should have rules, too. What are some guidelines for good parenting?

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The Philippines Beyond our Beaches

The beauty of the Philippines is beyond the white sand beaches. There is no travel magazine that can capture the compassion of the Filipina caregivers or the efficiency of our nurses. In the global workplace, we shine best when we interact.

Filipina in America · Marriage

Haggling: The Asian Art of Negotiating-Why It is Important and How to Do It

The Asian art of haggling is a negotiation skill we can use during uncertain economy brought by the pandemic

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COVID and Online Dating Scams: 6 Ways to Know if You’re Dating a Scammer

Dating scams are real. Some of these "good looking men" online are actually Nigerian women. How to tell?

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Remember What Your Mother Said: 10 Life Lessons From my Asian Mother

In a matriarchal society like the Philippines, mothers are the most influential figure in a person's life. My mother, just like most Asian mothers , is money savvy, street smart and tough as nails.