Filipina in Americ

Champorado for Autumn

Autumn is the best time for hot Filipino Champorado. It’s my take on this well love comfort food.

Diamond Ring and Shiny Things

We need to give the next generation of Filipina women the gift of strong womanhood. For centuries, Filipinas have been financially independent, acquiring properties – even our own diamonds


Our cultural views on retirement contradicts God’s design. Man is designed to work. There is NO word for retirement in HEBREW.

The Philippines Beyond our Beaches

The beauty of the Philippines is beyond the white sand beaches. There is no travel magazine that can capture the compassion of the Filipina caregivers or the efficiency of our nurses. In the global workplace, we shine best when we interact.

What Love is Not

After a traumatic first marriage, I had my checklist of ideal marriage. Dave showed me his language of love.

My Marriage and the Corona

Quarantine can unmask different faces of marriage and will reveal the cracks in some.

The Gifts of a Multicultural Marriage

Being open to different attitudes and accepting individuals that we are shaped by cultural standards is the key to success in a multicultural marriage.

5 Questions to Ask If You Want to Migrate

Moving to another country is starting all over again. It will challenge years worth of beliefs, attitudes and way of life. Why should you consider migration?