Quarntine Series

How To Be Proactive During This Pandemic

Most of us are glued to the news these days. We all want to know the updates on the pandemic. But what do we do with the information we consume? The important questions I want answered everyday are:

garden gnome

How To Cope With The Quarantine

We all cope differently. We all have to find ways to stay sane in these tough times. Some are baking bread, others are starting a garden, more than ever we all need to see the beauty of life

My Kitchen Victory Garden

During the war, Americans started the Victory Garden movement to grow food in whatever spaces they could — rooftops, fire escapes, empty lots, backyards. In my case, it’s my kitchen and deck.

3 Lessons from the Pandemic

When we are old and gray, (if we survive these days) we will ask each other – Where were you when COVID happened?