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Diamond Ring and Shiny Things

We need to give the next generation of Filipina women the gift of strong womanhood. For centuries, Filipinas have been financially independent, acquiring properties – even our own diamonds

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Honor Thy Father- A Letter to Single Moms: 8 Reasons Why Not to Badmouth Your Ex

When separation or divorce happens, it is easy to demonize all the mistakes of our partners. If we love our children, we have to teach them to honor their fathers.

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Rules are for Parents Too – 10 Things Parents Should Remember

Having rules at home make life easy for both parent and child. But why do we always talk about rules for kids? Parents should have rules, too. What are some guidelines for good parenting?

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Remember What Your Mother Said: 10 Life Lessons From my Asian Mother

In a matriarchal society like the Philippines, mothers are the most influential figure in a person's life. My mother, just like most Asian mothers , is money savvy, street smart and tough as nails.

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Crisis Management in Bullet Points: 8 Steps to Take to Keep your Sanity

I am no stranger to crisis. I've been through intense marital and financial difficulty. Broke and deep in debt these were the lessons I learned.

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The Wise Single Parent: 6 Decisions You Should Make

When I chose to be a single parent, I decided to be a wise one. I made six smart decisions that helped me thrive in my new role. My words of wisdom to single parents.