Episode 4

In episode 4, Leah Dudgeon shares practical tips and advice when starting a new career in the United States based on her personal experience.

Episode 3

EPISODE 3: Moving to a new country is very stressful. Learn practical tips on how to blend well if you are a new immigrant.

Episode 2

In EPISODE 2 I will share the 5 important things I did to prepare myself and my family before I left for the US. This 5 things made my life in the US easy. It also made it stress free for the 4 sons I left behind in the Philippines.

Episode 1

In EPISODE 1 I will share how I found the opportunity to move to the US, the Eight important questions I asked myself and my family. I will also share the difficulties of the first 6 months in a new country.


Leah Dudgeon and other Filipino immigrants shares stories, practical tips, and advice on how to successfully migrate in another country. Join Leah on Life: Take 2 every week.