Quarantine Series


We finally made it to the Philippines for our annual Christmas vacation. Pandemic travel is not easy. But with enough foresight and preparation, the inconvenience can be lessened. I hope these tips will be useful for anyone who will be going home.

Filipina in America · Online Dating

COVID and Online Dating Scams: 6 Ways to Know if You’re Dating a Scammer

Dating scams are real. Some of these "good looking men" online are actually Nigerian women. How to tell?

Parenting · Wellness

Remember What Your Mother Said: 10 Life Lessons From my Asian Mother

In a matriarchal society like the Philippines, mothers are the most influential figure in a person's life. My mother, just like most Asian mothers , is money savvy, street smart and tough as nails.

Quarantine Series

5 Financial Decision for Ordinary People Like Us on these Extraordinary Days

What should we do to protect our finances during this pandemic? We need to think beyond this week's groceries.

Quarantine Series

How To Be Proactive During This Pandemic

Most of us are glued to the news these days. We all want to know the updates on the pandemic. But what do we do with the information we consume? The important questions I want answered everyday are: